Friday, December 7, 2012

Is confirmed homophobe James Gunn also a racist?


I like to stay informed by reading the blogs of hate spreaders like James Gunn. While the post that this picture came from was funny, I couldn't believe that he posted the above picture and deemed it "creepy." So African American children celebrating Christmas creeps you out James? Sounds like he hates anyone who is different than him? Maybe this is reading into things a bit but it seems to me like this man is trying to piss people off.

Did James Gunn really apologize for being a Douche?

Can a weak apology like this really save James Gunns career? With all the outrage over recent homophobic blog posts, his lack of talent might be the least of his worries. After being invloved in any way with the movie "Super," this man has shown that he can survive anything. Even not being good at things or stuff has not held him back from posing as a screen writer.